An Abanning of Cyningscipe

[Abanned within the Wínland Ríce on the 5th of December 2021.]

An Abannung of Cyningscipe by the Witan

Be it known that after long discussion and deliberation, and having heard no voice to gainsay, that at the behest of Gárman Lord Cyning, the Witan of the Wínland Ríce has chosen Þórbeorht Hláford Ealdríces, Ealdorblótere and Healdend, to be the new Cyning of the Wínland Ríce; to be successor and heir to Gárman Lord.

The Witan hereby hights Þórbeorht as Cyning of the Wínland Ríce, subject to the conditions and rede given to Þórbeorht by the Witan. From this day forward, Þórbeorht shall be known to all as Cyning, and shall have all the rights, privileges and powers thereof, though his Cynehelmung not be held until a later tide.

May Þórbeorht rule the Þéodisc Ríce aright, and may he bring us Peace, Good Seasons and Victory.

Cyning sceal Ríce healdan.
Long Live Þórbeorht Cyning!

Given on this first day of Ærra Géola 2021, to this the Witegan of the Wínland Ríce set our hand and seal,
Sæfriþ Ides, Wita
Ælfgar Þegn, Wita
Ælfric Hláford Hræfnscíre, Heah Wita

An Abannung of Cyningscipe by Gárman Hláford Cyning

Wassail All,

 I should like to congratulate the Witan on a job well done, in selecting Þórbeorht for our next cyning. During these deliberations I was not free to speak my own mind, for fear of injudiciously prejudicing the proceedings, but in fact my own choice would have been Þórbeorht Hláford Healdend, now Þórbeorht Cyning of the Winland Rice. Needless to say, I consulted with the Ealdorfæder in arriving at that choice. The deeming from Wóden? He likes Þórbeorht. Does he think Þórbeorht will be a perfect cyning? According to Wóden, he will not be perfect. Who is? He reminded me of what he had said before about me, namely that I was not perfect cyning material, but chosen because, under the circumstances I was the only choice that made any sense. In any case, I can boast that, if nothing else, what I have managed to pass along to my successor is an “unspotted plume,” worn on a head which finishes up bloody but unbowed, and all our many foes laid low.

I hereby declare my willingness to stand ready to use my long experience to help the new cyning along in these and all sorts of other ways. In the meantime, long live the new cyining, even if the old one ain’t dead yet. Gods save the Cyning!

Gárman Hláford

An Abannung of Cyningscipe by Þórbeorht Hláford Cyning

Wesað gé hále

 Cyning sceal ríce healdan, “a cyning shall hold the ríce.” Thus began the wisdom of the second Anglo-Saxon Maxims and thus began the Wínland Ríce of Théodish Belief. For twenty-six years, Gárman Hláford Cyning has held the hálig cynescipe of the Wínland Ríce and, for six years before then, its æþelingscipe. As Théodsmen, we have known no other hálig cyning nor have we ever wanted for another. Since his beholding of Wóden’s therewithness and the beginning of our Théodish Belief some forty-five years ago, he has been our hláford. We would that the hláford who has led us for so long would lead us still.

Yet, nearing his eighty-fourth winter, our good cyning in his wisdom saw fit to call a witenagemót for the choosing of a new hálig cyning. Such is his care for us and for Théodish Belief that he would see to it that the Théodish Ríce might rightly be held, even after his lifetime. In doing so, he followed in the footsteps of such elder cyningas as Æþelræd of Mercia, Sigebryht II of East Anglia, and Ine of Wessex, who likewise saw to the naming of new cyningas.

Truly, it was no small undertaking for the witigan to choose a new hálig cyning. Such a wending from one cyning to another, though a thew well known to our fore-elders, was a first for us nowtidely Théodsmen. Had the witigan faltered in their work, the ordeal of choosing a new cyning might well have broken the Théodish Ríce. Yet they were steadfast in this undertaking and, after many months of seeking rede from the gods, they have chosen a new cyning. In doing so they have proven the strength of Théodish thew.

Tonight, the witenagemót, with the blessing of Gárman Hláford our first cyning, has chosen me, heretofore the healdend and ealdorblótere of the Théodish Ríce, to be its hálig cyning. Now it is I who must steadfastly see to that great undertaking of cynescipe.

Cyning sceal ríce healdan, “a cyning shall hold the ríce.” As these words of wisdom began the Anglo-Saxon Maxims, so will I begin my own cynescipe with a hold, an oath framed after that which was sworn by the early Englisc cyningas:

By Wóden, Þunor, and Seaxnéat, I, Þórbeorht, behight three things to the Théodish folk and those under-théoded to me: first, that the holysteads of the gods & the elves, and all Théodish folk in my ríce, shall have true frith; another, that I forbid robbery and all unright things be done to any árung; third, that I behight and bid that there be rightness and mild-heartedness in all dooms — that the gods and goddess shall grant us their luck.

 In the days ahead I will see to the setting of reeves and we will turn our thoughts toward this summer’s cynehelmung. Yet, for now, let us be merry and make ready for Géoltíd. May we be worthy of our gods and ever wax in wisdom, wealthdeal, and worthmind.

With a Right Good Will,
Þórbeorht Hláford, Cyning Wínland Ríces

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