A Renewal of Brádléahweald’s Gafol-léodscipe

Should the folk of a fellowship that was founded outside the Théodish Ríce earnestly wish to become true Théodsmen, by leave of the Cyning they may be brought into the Théodish folkdom as a gafol-léode (tributary tribe). As a folk from afar who seek to settle within the Ríce, such a léode must give a yeartidely gafol (tribute, rent) to the Cyning. For said gafol the léode will lease griþ (truce, sanctuary) to be amongst Théodsmen. Its folk will then be welcome at most Théodish gatherings, whereat they might learn much firsthand. Moreover, the Cyning shall then set for the léode sundry ealdras (mentors) and láreowas (teachers) to further its léodesmen in their understanding of Théodish thew. Thus, by their gafolscipe, a whole léode might in time become in-thewed (enculturated), worth itself, and dree (endure) ordeal much as a leornere (learner) might.

Be it known that, on the XXXth day of Éastremónaþ MMXXIII, Þórbeorht Cyning of the Wínland Ríce and the folk of Brádléahweald Léode agreed upon the yearly gafol (tribute) that Brádléahweald will give to the Cyning for the renewal of its gafol-léodscipe. That gafol shall be:

I. That by Midsummer they will give a bag of bones for the bonfire.
II. That by Wéodmónaþ they will give a loaf of bread as a beregafol (barley tribute) for Hláftíd.
III. That by Háligmónaþ they will give a dole of wæstm (produce) from their garden for the Hærfest Hám wain.
IV. And that, if it is made, the folk of Brádléahweald will answer the Cyning’s call to the fyrd and so ward the Ríce.

Moreover, that they might further their Théodish worthing, the folk of Brádléahweald Léode pledge thus:

V. That half or more of Brádléahweald’s folk will fare to two fainings of the Ealdríce Théod or the Wínland Ríce and that they help at those holy gatherings as needed.
VI. That Brádléahweald Léode will host a gathering of its own whereat the faining may be offered by a Théodish wéofodþegn.
VII. That Sigebrand Léodfruma will behold a moot of the Ealdríce Théod or the Wínland Ríce.
VIII. That half or more of Brádléahweald’s folk will enroll in the Garmanling Lárscól with Ælfgár Þegn of the Ealdríce Théod as their ealdor (mentor).

For this gafol, Brádléahweald Léode will renew its gafol-léodscipe with the Théodish Ríce. Thus might they, by their deeds and the deepening of their thew, someday earn ár (honor), worth themselves as Théodsmen, and become a chartered hall or théod of the Ríce.

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