Waes Hal! Welcome to the official home page of Théodish Belief, as maintained by the Wínland Ríce, also known as the Théodish Ríce, under the auspices of Gárman Lord, our founder, and Þórbeorht Hláford, our cyning. Here, we offer an overview of Théodism, and other important information such as answers to frequently asked questions, as well as writings on Théodish History. One can also find links to local Théodish fellowships, known as  Théods, as well as links to various Théodish publications that delve deeper into the nature of ancient and modern Germanic religious beliefs and practices.

Théodish Belief, also known as Þéodisc Geléafa or Theodism, is a rekindling of the manygodded troth that was held by our Anglo-Saxon heathen forebears before the coming of Christianity. As Théodsmen, we are given to the mystery of sacral kingship and to worship of such gods and goddesses as Tíw, Wóden, Fríg, Þunor, and Éastre who are remembered still today in the names for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Easter. Théodish Belief was founded by Gárman Lord in 1976 so that the manygodded Elder Trow of our Anglo-Saxon Heathen forebears might, after more than a thousand winters, be truly and fully rekindled amongst the men of Middangeard. Indeed, we believe that the gods and ghosts of our fore-elders are worthy of no less. To that end, we Théodsmen look to the wisdom of our elder-fathers, embodied in their thew (customs, traditions), that we might rightly be guided in our dealings with the gods. Thus, we turn to godlore, to sagas, to histories, and to ancient kingly dooms so that we might seek rede from the wisest of our kind, that being our heathen fore-elders.

Who is Théodish, and Who is Not?
Yet Théodish Belief is not merely a method, a style, a structure, or an approach to Heathenry nor is it merely a set of practices that one can adopt or creeds that one can ascribe to. Théodish Belief is the trow of a folkdom, that being the folkdom of Théodsmen. One might well be inspired by and even borrow bits of Théodish thew, but that does not make one a Théodsman any more than following the customs of another country makes one a citizen of said country. Théodsmen are those who are bound together in the Wínland Ríce by its Web of Oaths, by its Web of Thew, by its Orlay, and by their love for and leave to the Hálig Cynescipe of the Théodish Ríce. Théodsmen are also those Théods outside the Ríce, that were fostered from it, and that are still acknowledged as Théodish by it.

As Théodish Belief is often misunderstood by Neopagans, Neoheathens, and the like, there are a handful of groups and individuals who are not Théodish, but who nevertheless wrongly present themselves as such. Sometimes they use variations such as “Theodist,” “Theodisc,” and “Theedish,” but no such groups are truly Théodish. The only way to know for sure if a group or individual is Théodish is to contact the Wínland Ríce. We know our Théodsmen well and we can check the Théodish Dómesdægbóc (registry) to see if the group or individual in question is listed there.


Théods of the Ríce
Gering Théod • Ealdríce ThéodHræfnscír ThéodÆppeldor Heall



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