Waes Hal! Welcome to the official home page of Théodish Belief, as maintained by Wínland Ríce, the original fellowship of Théodish Belief, under the auspices of our Cyning, Gárman Lord.

Théodish Belief is a religion which was founded by Gárman Lord in 1976 as an Anglo-Saxon form of Germanic Heathenry that developed independently from Ásatrú. (Sometimes Théodism has incorrectly been described as a subgroup of Ásatrú but in fact Théodish Belief is and always has been separate from Ásatrú). Théodism is Retro-Heathenry, which means that we are dedicated to practicing the religion of our ancestors in an authentic, traditional tribal form which is as close to the elder ways as possible. However, we do not seek to “turn back the clock,” rather, we adapt our religion to modern circumstances just as our ancestors would have if they had been faced with the situations we face in modern times.

Here, we offer an overview of Théodism, and other important information such as answers to frequently asked questions, as well as writings on Théodish History. One can also find links to local Théodish fellowships, known as  Théods, as well as links to various Théodish publications that delve deeper into the nature of ancient and modern Germanic religious beliefs and practices.

Théods of the Ríce
Gering Théod • Ealdríce ThéodHræfenscír ThéodÆppeldor Heall


Who is Théodish, and Who is Not?
There are many Théodsmen out there who are legitimate. However, there are also some groups and individuals who are not Théodish, but who nevertheless wrongly present themselves as such. This is done either out of ignorance of the criteria that is required to be recognized as Théodish, or out of malice, with an intention to mislead others and misrepresent Theodism in the world. Sometimes they use variations such as “Theodist,” “Theodisc,” and “Theedish” but no such groups are authentically Théodish. The only way to know for sure if a group or individual is Théodish is to contact the Wínland Ríce. We know our Théodsmen well and we can check the Théodish Dómesdægbóc (registry) to see if the group or individual in question is listed there.

Questions? Email us at Winland.Rice@gmail.com

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