The Théods and Halls of the Wínland Ríce



Æppeldor is an Anglo-Saxon hall founded by Friðoríc Þegn, who is in hold to Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere of the Ealdríce. The folk of Æppeldor gather to fain the gods in the Huon Valley of Tasmania. As such, it serves the Australian outpost of Théodish Belief.



Hræfnscír Théod is an Anglo-Norse Théod that was founded by Ælfric Hláford, a true scóp and one of the main pioneers of the revival of traditional ancient heathen folk music. The folk of Hræfnscír gather throughout the year in British Columbia to farm the land and to fain the Germanic gods.

United States

New York

Géring Théod

Gering Théod was founded in 1976 in Watertown, New York by Gárman Lord as the Witan Théod and was later renamed Gering Théod in 1991. It is the original Théodish fellowship and the seat of the Ríce, being the Cyning’s own Théod.


Brádléahweald transparent (2)

Brádléahweald Léode is a gafol-léode (tributary tribe) of the Wínland Ríce with a hall in Northern, Virginia. Founded in 2019 by Sigebrand, Brádléahweald gathers weekly for lore study or moot and monthly to fain the gods.


Ealdríce Théod is an Anglo-Saxon Théod & holy guild of the Wínland Ríce with a hall in Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 2010 by Þórbeorht, its ealdorblótere, the Ealdríce gathers twice monthly at Whitthenge Heall to hold moot and to fain the gods and good wights with worship, song, dance, drink and merrymaking.

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