The Gármanling Lárscól

Garmanling-Shaded (2)

Frige mec fródum wordum. Ne lǽt þinne ferð onhǽlne,
dégol þæt þú déopost cunne! Nelle ic þe mín dyrne gesecgan,
gif þú me þinne hygecræft hylest ond þíne heortan geþohtas.
Gléawe men sceolon gieddum wrixlan.

Frain (ask) me for frood (wise) words. Let not thine soul be hidden,
the mystery which thou knows most deeply. I will not the tell thee my secrets
if thou hide thine mind’s strength from me and thine heart’s thoughts.
Wise men should wrixle (trade) tales.
— Maxims I (lines 1-4a)

Welcome to the Gármanling Lárscól, a lore-school of the of the Wínland Ríce of Anglo-Saxon Théodish Belief. It is the goal of the Gármanling Lárscól to speed those who seek to become Théodsmen through a leornerescipe (learnership) whereby they might rediscover the manygodded troth, tribal traditions, and Heathen worldview that was held by their Anglo-Saxon fore-elders.

The school’s lárweg (curriculum) combines self-study with láréow-led (instructor-led) group discussions and one-on-one mentorship by an ealdor (mentor). Its courses include:

  • Overview of the Théodish Ríce & Leornerescipe
  • Anglo-Saxon Lore
  • Anglo-Saxon History
  • Théodish History
  • Théodish Thew
  • Tribal Society
  • Sacral Kingship
  • Holy Tides
  • Worship
  • Old English

Group discussions are held, via video, each month on a Saturday at either 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm EST and last up to two hours. (This is a tentative day and time and may change before official enrollment begins.) The Lárscól’s teaching-yield (tuition) is set at $10 a month and is used to further the Wínland Ríce and its Théods.

Take Heed: The Garmanling Lárscol is only for those who truly want to be a part of our folkdom; for those who earnestly wish to become one of us, to swear an oath and to give leave to a hláford (lord) and/or hlǽfdiȝe (lady), and to be beholden to a cyning (sacral king). Those who are simply seeking to learn whatever knowledge Théodsmen might possess would be far better served by visiting  Háliggyld Books. This is not a school for learning. This is a school for becoming.

And Hearken: The lárweg (curriculum) takes a full two years to complete and may last even longer. Moreover and most importantly, it alone does not make one a Théodsman. Graduates must still undergo an ordeal before the Ríce’s Witan (council) to prove that they truly understand Théodish thew and that they have taken to heart the Heathen worldview of our fore-elders. Only then is one deemed a true Théodsman and given leave to swear into the Théodish Ríce’s “web of oaths.”

Enrollment of leorneras (learners) begins this Þrimilce MMXXIII (April 21st to May 19th 2023). Those seeking to enter into leornerescipe (learnership) should email the school’s oferláréow (headmaster) at

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