An Abanning on Árʒesíþas

Hwæt! Be it known unto all that, at Þrimilce MMXXII, the Cyning called a Witenagemót to fathom the standing of ʒeseten (seated, retired) Théodsmen within the Wínland Ríce today. Though long has it been since those of the Witan Théod or the early Wínland Ríce gave hold-oaths, their thaneship (service) and deeds are not forgotten. As it is our earnest wish that they ever be reckoned amongst the folk of the Théodish Ríce, we deem that:

I. The árung (rank, honoring) of such early Théodsmen shall be that of árʒesíþas (honor-companions), that being “Théodsmen emeriti.”
II. As they are retired from thaneship, árʒesíþas will not be burdened to take part in the ongoing business of the Ríce, nor will they be set to any reeveship, nor will they be laden with any leorneras (learners).
III. No new oath will be asked of the árʒesíþas. To hold this árung, they need but bend their lives to rightful deeds with a Right Good Will, in Wisdom, Wealthdeal, and Worthmind and never raise word, hand, or weapon against the Hálig Cynescipe of Théodish Belief nor aid or abet any who does so.

Thus, shall árʒesíþas have the Freedom of the Ríce.

Moreover, to this árung we hight the following:
I. Æscbéam, who had given oath to Gárman Hláford in Géring Théod.
II. Wordsmiþ, who had given oath to Gárman Hláford in the Witan Théod.
III. Ægili, who had given oath to Gárman Hláford in the Witan Théod.

Given by the Wínland Ríce’s Cyning and Witegan on the third of Ærre Líða MMXXII for the speeding of the Théodish Ríce, its Thew and its Belief.

Þórbeorht Hláford Cyning
Ælfric Hláford, Heah Wita
Sǽfriþ Ides Þyʒen, Wita
Ælfgár Húsceorl Þeʒn, Wita

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