An Abanning of Charters and the King’s School

Háligmónaþ MMXIX
Originally published in Spellstów Volume 1 Number 3 Blótmónaþ 2019

Be it known unto all that the Théodsmen of the Wínland Ríce gathered upon the day of the full moon of Háligmónaþ MMXIX at Géring Hall in Watertown, New York to offer their Hærfest Hæm faining to the goddess Neorþe and to hold Moot. At that gathering were folc of Géring Þéod and of the Ealdríce Háliggyld.

Here are the deemings that were then made with the Cyning and the folc of the Ríce:

I. Gárman Hláford Cyning signed the hold oath that Þórbeorht had sworn to him at Þrimilce.
II. Thereafter Þórbeorht read the Ealdríce Háliggyld’s frumgewrit (charter), which the Cyning did sign.
III. Þórbeorht then read the frumgewrit of Hræfenscír Heall on behalf of Ælfric Þegn Géringas, which the Cyning did sign.
IV. The guildsmen of the Ealdríce gifted their Cyning with a finely wrought æstel made in the likeness of the Ælfred Jewel.
V. Before the Cyning and the folc, Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere then recalled the line of his forebears as it reached back to King Ælfred of Wessex and as it reached back to Wóden.
VI. It was given by the Cyning that every fellowship should have its own school for the worthing of new Théodsmen and that Æþelwíne Þegn, headmaster of the Géring King’s School, and
VII. Lastly, the Cyning bid the folc to fathom how the everyman might be better sped in Théodish Belief, to which all there gathered raised horn and pledged to do.

To these things were the following free Théodsmen of good gefrain witness:
Gárman Hláford Cyning
Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere
Eþelwynn Hlæfdige
Æþelwíne Þegn
Ælfgár Þégn Húscarl
Wuducind Gilda Þyle
Sæfriþ Gilda Ides

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