A Deeming of the Wínland Ríce’s Witan on the Heathen Fellowship Known as Ondheim

Be it known that, at Hréþemónaþ MMXXI, the heathen fellowship known as Ondheim beseeched the Wínland Ríce for griþ (truce) in the hope that it and the Wínland Ríce might be on terms with each other “as Théodsmen.”

Théodish Belief is not merely a method, a style, a structure, or an approach to Heathenry. Théodish Belief is the trow of a folkdom, that being the folkdom of Théodsmen. Théodsmen are those bound together in the Wínland Ríce by its Web of Oaths, by its Web of Thew, by its Orlay, and by their love for and leave to the Holy Kingship of the Théodish Ríce. Théodsmen are also those Théods outside the Ríce, that were fostered from it, and that are still acknowledged as Théodish by it.

At the Wínland Ríce’s Hláftíd Mót MMXX, Gárman Hláford Cyning deemed that “any and all claims to be Théodish made by outlaws or by the followers of outlaws are, and have been, null and void.” As it has itself acknowledged, Ondheim was founded by men who followed the Normannii hláford into outlawry and also by men who became that outlaw’s followers thereafter. Thus, though it may be called a Heathen Tribe, Ondheim is not a Théodish Théod nor are its folk Théodsmen.

Let it be known, however, that Ondheim, though an outlaw offshoot, might show that it is no Normannii and that its men are truly of a Right Good Will by heeding the Cyning’s Hláftíd deeming in acknowledgement that it is the right of the Théodish Ríce and its Cyning alone to deem Théodishness. On such grounds might our folk be as neighbors to each other.

Given by the Wínland Ríce’s witegan at the Éastremónaþ MMXXI Witenagemót.

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